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  • I lost or left my Grand Tasting tickets at home
    Each ticket is scanned as your enter. You may pull up your digital order on your cell phone and we can scan right off your phone. If you need furthure assistance please visit the "Will Call" booth.
  • Is there a taxi cab company or Uber/Lyft in Galena?
    There are two licensed Taxi Cab company in Galena. Their phone numbers: A to B Cab: 815-494-7433 Eco-Cab: 563-221-3333. Uber and Lyft are not available in Galena at this time. Please keep in mind that this is an extremely high demand weekend for Taxis in Galena.
  • Where should I park?
    Turner Hall is a relatively short walk from anywhere in downtown Galena if the weather is nice! Turner hall is located on South Bench Street which runs parrell with Main Street, there is a short hill or small steps of stairs to get there.
  • Where do I purchase the wines I tasted at the Grand Tastings?
    There are two ways to buy the wines you are tasting at the Grand Tastings: -First, you can purchase the wines by shopping in person at Family Beer & Liquor, located 10 miles west of Galena on Hwy 20 in East Dubuque. All of the wines sampled at the Grand Tastings are for sale (while supplies last) at Family Beer & Liquor, plus 2,700+ additional varieties, all at special Wine Lovers’ Weekend discounts. You may also fill out an order form at the Family Beer & Liquor “Buy Wine Here” station for pick up at Family Beer & Liquor the following day. Orders picked up in person at Family Beer & Liquor can be paid by cash or credit card. -The second option is too fill out an order form at the Family Beer & Liquor “Buy Wine Here” station for delivery the following morning to your Galena Area Hotel or B&B. Free delivery is available on all orders of 12 or more (mix & match) bottles. Hotel and B&B delivery is between 8am and 10am the morning following the tasting. Delivery orders must be paid by credit card when the order form is filled out at the FB&L “Buy Wine Here” station.
  • Do I need my photo I.D. to enter the tasting?
    Yes! If you are under age 30, you must bring photo I.D. for entry into the Grand Tastings. (You must be 21 years of age to enter the Grand Tastings.)
  • What should I wear?
    Casual dress is fine for the WLW Grand Tastings, however some guests will dress up (like you would for a night out to dinner and a show). This is definitely not a formal affair. Have fun and wear comfortable shoes! You’ll be on your feet for 2+ hours.
  • My Question is not listed here.
    Please e-mail us at and we will reply to you shortly.
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